Other Uses for Water Beads

water crystal bead examples

Water beads, which have been given a lot of unique names like crystal polymer, water gels and water pearls, is a water-absorbing polymer which has the ability to retain water for an extended period of time.

They have gained so much popularity among the younger generation and it is not all that surprising to see a number of the elder generations also getting in on the fun that comes with water beads.

The uses of water beads are more than one can really comprehend as they are used in a variety of things which you will find very hard to believe. This article is just to give you a glimpse at some of the uses of water beads which you might not know. Keep on reading and find those uses out for yourself.

The manufacturing of baby diapers: Due to the water absorbing properties of water beads, they work as the perfect material needed in the manufacturing of the diapers of babies. With such a material, the child is always assured of a dry skin which helps in eliminating the dampness associated with such children especially when they wet themselves.

The manufacturing of the clothes of professional cyclists: Professional cyclists really need to stay hydrated throughout the entire course of their journey or race. This is where water beads come in handy as they are put into the clothes that these cyclists wear. They are then dipped in water for some time and hanged out to dry. The water that gets absorbed stays in the water beads which are then used to hydrate the cyclists as they keep on riding through very hot conditions.

Decorations: This is a well known use of water beads. Water beads come in a number of colours and when they have absorbed their fill of water are a sight to behold especially when they are used in decorating tables for an event or even as a decoration for a centrepiece in one’s home. When it comes to using water beads to decorate places, the options are limitless.

As a substitute for the sand in flower pots: Gone were the days when people used to fill their flower vases with soil and are expected to keep watering them forever. Well, that time is no more as water beads have now transformed the idea of keeping your flower in that flower vase hydrated at all times. You can even decide to mix the two up and you will still get the same effects. The water absorbed by the water beads will help keep your flowers hydrated for a very long period without you having to water them from day to day.

So there you go! Water beads do in actual fact have a lot of uses. The ones listed above are just a few of the numerous uses of water beads.

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