Unique Ideas for Interior Designers and Decorators

unique decoration and interior design ideas

OK, so firstly allow us to explain why this article is on this site.

Polymer crystal in the form of water beads is becoming increasingly popular amongst interior designers, mainly due to their low cost and stunning appearance – yet they are still so unique. This got us thinking about other unique decoration and interior design ideas.

Getting Started

In some cases interior designers are fortunate enough to have big budgets to work with and therefore there are few compromises that need to be made – however back here in the real world we need to have cost-savvy solutions to interior design. For instance, there are old draws and cupboards that are losing their paint and yet this is exactly what many people love. The paint can be sanded and stripped back allowing the old timber to break through. It doesn’t cost much to do, but it looks fantastic.

Truly Unique

Beach sand under a work bench. Assuming you have a room in the house that accommodates some mess and fuss then this can look (and feel) fantastic. The idea is that you create a sand pit to stand or sit in at a workstation inside the house. You’ll need to have towel and some water near by so that you can clean you feet before walking around the rest of the house, but the reality is that many people spend hours at a time sitting or standing at work and this simple joy could make it a whole lot better.

Simple and Effective

Some decorators have been able to attract a lot of attention in the bedroom (think clean thoughts) by adding a canvas display in place of an expensive bed-head. The beauty of this is that it can be easily changed, it allows designers to challenge their imagination and of course, it doesn’t cost much.

A Unique and Low Cost Idea

Next is the use of our very own water beads which can help to make a room pop with their bright and colourful presence. Especially in rooms that capture a lot of light, these glistening polymer balls look perfect when they’re accompanied by a nice vase and a bunch of flowers.

(Shameless plug) We just happen to sell them, and they’re cheap! Like really, really ridiculously cheap. In fact as far as we know these water beads are the cheapest in Australia.

Multiply your Pizzazz

Segmented mirrors are another great choice for designers on a budget. This is one of those ideas that have been used a lot for one great reason – they work! And when we say “they work” we mean, they add depth to a room and they can reflect the strong points of your design. For example, if you have some shelving with feature items this is your opportunity to show them off from another angle.

Don’t forget to look up

Fasten a canoe to your ceiling, or a surfboard, or a bike… or pretty much anything you love but don’t use anymore. It’s a great way to start a conversation. It creates a feature in the room without taking up any usable space (assuming you don’t need to wave your arms near the ceiling) and like many of these ideas it can be done well – or it can look disastrous.

In Summary

Unique design is a high-risk high-reward game. If your vision works you’ll be labelled a genius. Get involved, people.

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