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4 Ways to Liven Up The Office

If you have an office-based job, you spend a lot of time in the office. Which means it’s important to make your time there inspiring, engaging, and a little fun. Unfortunately, not all offices can be like the Googles and Facebooks of this…
table decoration idea with water beads

Table Centrepieces with Water Beads

The idea of decorating a table for a very special occasion is something that does really scare a lot of people. This is down to the fact that such people always think that they will not be able to pull it off with regards to the people that…
types of plants in water beads

What Type of Plants Grow in Water Beads

17 Plants That Grow in Water Beads What are water beads? View a 15 second (4 hour time-lapse) of water beads growing: Serving as a substitute for natural soil is one use of water beads which is currently gaining a lot of popularity among…