What Type of Plants Grow in Water Beads

types of plants in water beads

17 Plants That Grow in Water Beads

What are water beads? View a 15 second (4 hour time-lapse) of water beads growing:

Serving as a substitute for natural soil is one use of water beads which is currently gaining a lot of popularity among people. Water beads are known to have a water-retaining capacity which then can be stored for a very long time and released in bits for more than a month. With such capabilities, water beads tend to serve as a perfect replacement for natural soil when it comes to getting your plant to stay moisturised at all times without the incidence of over watering them.

Growing your plant in crystal soil is a revolutionary way of styling up your home whilst also making sure that you do not have to always spend time and energy trying to get your plants watered. With just the right kind of fertiliser applied to the crystal soil, you will be able to have your favourite flower or plant growing very well.

There are always people who would really love to know more about water beads or crystal soil and the plants that can grow in them without any incidents. However, this is an area that most articles do not tackle very well as they only give just an example of a single plant that can survive in crystal soil. This article on the other hand, has been well researched and so you are going to be provided with a wide variety of flowers or plants that grow in water beads or crystal soil.

Knowing the right plant to grow in crystal soil will provide you with a lot of benefits which you might overlook in the beginning. Some of these benefits include;

It saves you money: This simply means that instead of opting for the trial and error method of planting different flowers in water beads, you will know of the exact ones that can flourish in such conditions which help in saving you a lot of bucks that would have been wasted on purchasing those plants.

It also saves you time: Money is not the only thing that you are bound to save if you know of the right plant to grow in crystal soil. Precious time which you will need in doing other important things is also saved as you won’t have to be wasting your time planting one type of flower after the other and continually checking on them to see that they can survive. When you know of the right plants, all you need to do is to have your materials ready, plant your flowers and observe it flourish beautifully without spending much time with them.

These are just two of the benefits that you stand to gain when you really do know of the right type of plant to grow in your water beads or crystal soil. Read on and find out all those plants for yourself.

The majority of plants that will survive in such conditions include;

  1. Arrowhead Vine
  2. Ivy
  3. Norfolk Island pine
  4. Peacock Plant
  5. Pothos
  6. Palm
  7. Lucky bamboo
  8. Prayer Plant
  9. Spider Plant
  10. Peperonia
  11. Peace Lily
  12. Rubber Plant
  13. Weeping Fig
  14. The Palm
  15. Chinese evergreen
  16. Caladium
  17. Dracaena

These are all plants that can grow very well in water beads or crystal soil.

All that you need to do in order to get any of these plants growing very well in your crystal soil is to make sure that you provide the right conditions for them. Plants like the lucky bamboo grow perfectly when there is a mixture of water beads and some pebbles. These pebbles help to give the bamboo some form of strong and firm hold in the crystal soil. Others also need to have some quantity of clay and other kinds of soil particles in order to grow. When these things are well catered for then you can rest assured that the flower you have planted will grow as you would like.

There is also another thing that you need to keep in mind which is; all these plants do need some kind of fertilizer and once that is provided, they will have all that they need in order to grow and beautify your area.

Those times of having to throw away plants that you have bought with your hard earned money just because they could not survive in the crystal soil are long gone mainly because you have been able to read this article. However, deciding to not read it to the end will also come with a heavy price for you as there are other things that one may need to know in order to successfully grow all the plants mentioned above.

Deciding to go with the seeds of such plants is just a way of throwing away your money as most of these seeds do not flourish in conditions like crystal soil. It is therefore very imperative to know that going with either the bulb or the cuttings of those plants mentioned above is that best way to guarantee that they will survive.

Moreover, it is also very important to know that you will need water tight containers in order to be sure that most of the water does not drain out. Due to the fact that the absorbed water will be released bit by bit from the crystal soil, it is always better when you have water tight containers so that the little water that gets out does not leave the container but stays to hydrate the plants.

It is always good to also ensure that the kind of fertilizer to be applied to the crystal soil should be in a liquid form. This will make it very easy for it to be absorbed by the plant without any delay. However, it should be noted that such fertilizers should not be applied on a daily basis. The best way duration is once every week.

Do away with the natural soil and add some style to your flower pots and vases by going with crystal soil or water beads now that you do know of all the different plants that can grow in them.

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