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4 office decor ideas you haven’t thought of

Office decor begs for a natural brightness. Most office spaces are fairly unimaginative but it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to inject life into your workspace. And if you’re looking to grow your business, perception can be reality. Try these affordable, interesting and slightly quirky office decor ideas decorations to add colour […]


4 ways water brings life to your home

Water is the source of life. It’s something we can’t live without physically. It’s also undeniably soothing. Adding water to your home is of course functional, I mean we need water to drink, wash etc. But it’s also something that can be used to lift your home, creating a tranquil space. There are many ways […]

Should I Decorate or Automate?

So you’ve got some spare cash to spend on the house. What to do, what to do? With smart home technology being more affordable, efficient, and easier than ever to integrate into the existing household, you may be wondering what the smart revolution has in-store for you. But is automation the only answer to improving […]

Table Centrepieces with Water Beads

The idea of decorating a table for a very special occasion is something that does really scare a lot of people. This is down to the fact that such people always think that they will not be able to pull it off with regards to the people that have been invited to that event or […]

What Type of Plants Grow in Water Beads

17 Plants That Grow in Water Beads What are water beads? View a 15 second (4 hour time-lapse) of water beads growing: Serving as a substitute for natural soil is one use of water beads which is currently gaining a lot of popularity among people. Water beads are known to have a water-retaining capacity which […]

Other Uses for Water Beads

Water beads, which have been given a lot of unique names like crystal polymer, water gels and water pearls, is a water-absorbing polymer which has the ability to retain water for an extended period of time. They have gained so much popularity among the younger generation and it is not all that surprising to see […]